Finding family

And so we arrived in Caledon with a very very excited Andrew , a gurgling baby, smiling mother -in-law and a nervous me. After a few minutes on the dirt rd through the beautiful countryside of the Hemel-en-aarde, we finally found Rob, the tenant living on the farm where the boat is located.

We followed him even further into the bundu and eventually arrived to his farm, with THE most idyllic views.

We jumped out the car and were quickly lead up to a battered looking warehouse whose doors were pried open and we got our first glimpse of the much dreamed of vessel. Slightly underwhelming to me but Andrews eyes shone with excitement. After been proffered a very unstable wobbly ladder we both hesitantly made our way up to the  top and hauled our selves overboard into the shell of the hull.

It was great to wander around and really get an idea of the size of the boat and to image where certain thing would go such as the sleeping quarters or sun deck etc. I left Andrew to explore on his own and took a few more pics before heading down to enjoy a lovely tea with Rob and his wife Sally.

Gael, Finn and myself had a delicious tea with shortbread just like my granny used to make and fantastic conversation with Rob and Sally, who seemed kindred spirits of ours in a strange way in that they loved the outdoors, and getting away from society, while still enjoying a few toots down at the local restaurant. Andrew later joined us all and we discovered that there is also a lovely little cottage to rent on the farm grounds. Rob wrote down his email address on a small piece of paper in case we wanted to contact him about renting this spot and without a thought we folded it up and were on our merry way.

All the way home we enthused at how awesome the boat was and what a steal it would be if we managed to procure it , and what lovely people Rob and Sally were. Finally back at home we were unpacking and took out the scrunched up piece of paper with the email address on it: Andrew couldn’t believe that someone else could possibly have a family name like that and after a bit more digging from both our side and Robs we worked out that Rob was in fact Gaels long lost Northern Rhodesian 1st cousin. they had never met, but knew of each other.

And just like that the boat adventure took a truly MAGICAL turn in all our books. What were the chances! what an AMAZING coincidence that on our search for a boat we had uncovered a whole new section to our family. To me it sort of made it feel like this was something we were meant to be doing and not just Andrews’dream” anymore but something which we both had to be a part of. And that right there is the Glitter on toast!


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