I bought a boat

And so the dreaded words were uttered the other day. “Babe, I’ve found a boat”

Don’t get me wrong, I think its truly awesome that my hubby is so passionate about his dream but the thing is it HIS DREAM.

Let me start at the beginning. Andrew my husband, was lucky/unlucky enough to grow up on a yacht in the Caribbean. Sounds idyllic right, why am i complaining? Well for the most part I think for a 10year old boy with his brother right by his side, I think it probably was idyllic. My problem comes in with how this began. His dad had this crazy plan o build a yacht and sale to New Zealand. They somehow scrimped and saved and talked the talk as only mike can and ended up leaving Walvis Bay to cross the Atlantic when Andrew was a lowly 10year old and Hamish, hi brother was 13-two very very young little boys. They set out, leaving schooling behind them and were suddenly thrust into life, overcoming huge sailing challengesĀ  and arrived in Brazil and made their way up to the Caribbean where mum and dad took any and every job they could just to keep going. Mich was even chartering boat tours at 14.

Now for me, I think childhood should be for be a child, not working. Andrew argues that he had the best life experience and childhood around and yes one hand I can see that, but on the other he lost out on so very very much.

So back to the buying a boat comment. I 100% agree that SA today (2017) is not the ideal place to bring up a child..yes its beautiful and its my home, but children today have little to no respect for their parents, they are all addicted to games and screen time, and none of them no how to entertain themselves. SO Andrew grand (Rose-tinted) plan is to build/buy a yacht and sail the world to give our children the same childhood he has and invaluable life experience. COOL totally on board with this idea butĀ  for 2 “small” issues: 1. I get incredibly sea sick -like its a perfectly flat day and ill be in the toilet chundering. 2. My kids will go to school and will go to Uni if they want to. this therefore means homeschooling, which i have never loved the idea of because…well a mom needs a break every day from her kids and school is that opportunity.

But no matter we have budgeted and researched and planned and decided (with still a lot of trepidation from me) that this is still a great idea and we will overcome these “small” obstacles. That right there is the glitter on toast!

In my next post I’ll let you know about our first journey to see said boat and the utterly AMAZING magical thing that happened afterwards



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